Igloo Space Ship, viewgraph presentation
25 april 98, a zuppero (cleaned up 18 oct 98)



This is the outline of what I prepared to say at the meeting. I might not have said it all or in this way.

How can we make Hotel sized structures in space 
without having to build them? 

Answer: pack parachute-cloth bag in the Shuttle bay, fill it with water, let space freeze it. 

How can we make space ship to take 100 or 1000 people to where-ever, in the inner solar system. 
My ancestors the Sicilians, and those Irish guys and their beautiful women, came over on a boat, 3000 people at time. They were all poor, and fought over back-breaker jobs once they got here.  If you can't haul that many people, you don't have a "occupy space" program. 
structures with volume: you need more volume in space ship than the stinking porta-potty capsules we have now. 
trip too long, don't want go crazy,   Use my house dimensions as example of required space: 8 people, 3600 sq ft, 3 baths, 3 bedrooms, lots of play rooms. 
structures with gravity: must have gravity or bones decalcify, immune system fails, muscles become wimpy.  Requirement: hope for 1 G, settle for moon gravity. 
Shield  and stop the deadly Galatic Cosmic Radiation, solar flares, and all Van aAlen belts. 
shield 50 R per year without shielding, 3% cancer per year. 
shield 1000 R solar flare = sure dead 


VG #1  Ice Tire Torus Space Ship 
1 meter thick walls, spins, big like home. made of ice. 
Will ice rip apart?

see the rest of the viewgraphs and the story..... (takes a many seconds to load)